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Automated HealthCare Solutions ("AHCS") is a leading provider of technology-enabled dispensing solutions for physicians serving workers’ compensation patients and patients covered by personal injury protection insurance. AHCS has developed a powerful, next generation claims management technology platform, called ezDispense™ for point of care medication dispensing. The platform enables the Company to remove many of the traditional barriers associated with physician dispensing, while virtually eliminating reimbursement risk and ensuring patients receive their medication. Unlike other physician billing services, AHCS is able to assume the collection risk on claims and guarantee reimbursement to its physicians. This enables physicians to do what they were trained to do... practice medicine!

AHCS technology helps facilitate several other programs.

  • Empowering Pharmacies, Mail Order Pharmacies, PBMs, and Custom Topical Compound Pharmacies to provide immediate access for injured workers to medications required by electronically verifying patient information and guaranteeing payment.

At AHCS, we center our programs around the philosophy of our Triad of Success: Convenience, Compliance, and Outcomes.


AHCS’ programs ensure that your patients receive their medications and test results while in your office. Our programs are user friendly and can be performed with your existing staff in less than 60 seconds per patient. The flexibility of our software allows us to work with practices of all sizes. Whether you are a large health care system with multiple locations or a solo practitioner, we can customize our technology to fit your needs.


Our ezDispense™ medication dispensing software, powered by AHCS, provides the tools to our physician partners to remain in compliance with all state and federal regulations as well as prescription drug monitoring programs. ezDispense™ electronically tracks all pedigree papers, lot numbers, expiration dates and controlled substances with line item reconciliation. Our software also identifies the location, physician, dispenser, cost, profit and date of all medications dispensed. All medications are tracked by NDC# to ensure appropriate pricing is applied to the medications dispensed.


National studies from the insurance industry (NCCI) have proven that physicians who dispense medication prescribe a much higher percentage of generic medication. High generic fill rates, improved outcomes and subsequent decreased need for litigation are three major reasons why physician dispensing benefits everyone (patients, employers and carriers) and reduces the overall costs of workers comp claims.

The ezVerify™ Program uses software available at each practice location to allow for the verification of insurance benefits with as little information as the date of birth, insurance identification number, and group number. Each transaction takes no more than six seconds and will provide the practice with specialty specific benefit verification. The program is designed so that all the receptionist has to do is swipe the patient's government issued id card or drivers license to run a verification.

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We are dedicated to assisting physician practices and health care organizations with maximizing patient care through ancillary services. Our state of the art technology minimizes work flow disruption in your practice. Our programs have no upfront costs and no long term commitments. We empower your practice by providing any necessary support to ensure the long term success of our programs.

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